A Compilation of Gem Residences Teaser Vids

As buyers are spoilt for choice due to the many new condo launches recently, Gem Residences strives to stand out as one of its kind. Being located in a highly sought-after area providing value-added services and unique facilities, the spotlight will definitely be shining on this exciting new project at Toa Payoh.

Toa Payoh has strong heritage roots and is an established mature estate. Through the years, it has evolved into a well-connected and bustling district popular for its food and location value. Like the town, Gem Residences balances both modernity with heritage for a new brand of contemporary where you find a new lifestyle — one with a triadic luxury of facilities, activities and on-demand concierge services, so you can enjoy the precious things in life.

Here we bring you the compilation of the teaser vids for the project launch:

Man 1: This is not working, that is not working! I might as well get a new car already!
Man 2: I don’t own a car, so I don’t have that problem.
Man 1: Didn’t you just pick me up in your car the other day?
Man 2: That car belongs to my condo. It’s part of a Rent, Drive, Park service that it has.
Man 1: What? Where do you stay?


Old Lady 1: Hey, where’s Susan?
Old Lady 2: She went for her medical checkup. Now she’s too tired to join us.
Old Lady 1: My condo has a private doctor… No need to queue, no need to wait.
Old Lady 2: Where got such condo?


Lady 1: I went for some aqua zumba classes… I also went for some free baking lessons at the clubhouse…
Lady 2: Do you have a maid?
Lady 1: Nope, my condo concierge can arrange for housekeeping and laundry services.
Lady 2: Which condo is that? Sounds like a hotel!


Boy 1: I cannot wait to jump into the pool!
Boy 2: You know, Barky can swim very well too. He swims at our condo’s pet pool.
Boy 1: Your condo has a pet pool?!
Boy 2: Doesn’t yours have one?
Boy 1: Where do you stay? Can I bring my dog over?


Teenager 1: Hey Brandon’s birthday is this weekend! What should we do?
Teenager 2: How about a barbecue at my place?
Teenager 1: Huh? Barbecue…?
Teenager 2: Yup, we have 8 barbecue areas in my condo. And a personal chef to create a fun international menu for us.
Teenager 1: Where do you stay again?


Here at Gem Residences is where you will find a new lifestyle. You can now go to places in ways you couldn’t before. Or have the world come to you with personal sourcing and delivery to your doorstep. You can now do things more quickly and conveniently, as well as gain access to things that simply weren’t possible before. Like having a private chef cook you a meal, food delivered to your doorstep and dining at the hottest tables with the girl you just met in London. Yoga and dance classes just an elevator ride down, tennis court and pools to enjoy with friends, your favorite wholesome cooked meals delivered anytime. No clutter, precious time saved and less fuss, just like all the apps on your phone, silently making life easier. You just need one — one with the personal touch to answer all your needs and wants. And here is where you find it. Living well has never been so accessible. Extraordinary convenience is all at your fingertips.